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Discover business cases where we have co-created with our partners and clients to make a human-centric impact in creating companies of the future. From strategy, innovation, and culture design to building glasshouses that transform the data strategy, read about our impact on the future of business here.

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A Future Back journey in the MedTech industry

Our collaboration with a leading company in the MedTech question started with a simple question: what do you want your company to look like in 2026? Together, we developed a strategy that placed them miles ahead of their competition.
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Crafting value-driven roles for a pharmaceutical client

While working with a leading vaccine manufacturer during the pandemic, our challenge was to align two initial teams and enable them to collaborate as one unit. As a solution, we restored synergy within the team by reimagining what jobs entail, what the department does and how it collaborates
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Peek into your processes with the glasshouse

In our collaboration with a leading philanthropic initiative, the main challenge facing us was how to bring transparency, speed, and accuracy to their financial processes. To tackle this, we developed an allocation engine that simplified the funding allocation processes while creating a clear view of the funding flows like a glasshouse.
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Bringing Organisations Together with Influencer

Our clients, a leading company in the telecom sector in Europe, were going through a massive change with the decision to outsource some of their work to India. This change brought with it a need for cross-cultural collaboration. As a solution, we trained their teams on influencing strategies and generated cultural awareness with bespoke culture profiles.

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