Who are we?

We are Stragilon, a global data-driven strategy consulting firm. We take value in accompanying organizations and businesses in creating the future they always wanted by helping them with strategy, agility, and innovation. We help our clients to transform continuously and organically to stay ahead of the game in a fast-changing world.

Our Approach


Since 2015 Stragilon mission has been to drive leadership and agility to boost your organisation’s performance and innovation power. Develop and grow people’s success in a fast-changing world



With a human-centric consulting approach supported by a data-driven analysis, we help our clients identify the areas where the most value is added and provide the skill development for strategic agility.


Our Technology

With our technology, we enhance the way people work and reinvent management. This includes building a holistic, diverse, and future-enabling workplace where well-being is central.



Stragilon helps customers to lead, grow & innovate towards their future goals, allowing them to transform naturally with people-centric development


Our Diverse team

At Stragilon, we are a team of consultants who have a passion for working in close collaboration with their clients, be it global players of the industry, disrupting start-ups or foundations & NGOs.

But we are also a team of data scientists, passionate about how technological convergence is changing our world and what we can do in this disruption to create new value for our customers and the wider community.

We are present in all corners of the world with an international coaching team
We offer our services in 20 languages, guaranteeing a global quality standard
We embrace diversity as a blessing and offer belonging for all


Join us and let’s create something great together

Let’s talk about how we can co-create today. Send us a message and we will get in touch with you soon.