Crafting value-driven roles for a pharmaceutical client

While working with a leading vaccine manufacturer during the pandemic, our challenge was to align two initial teams and enable them to collaborate as one unit. As a solution, we restored synergy within the team by reimagining what jobs entail, what the department does and how it collaborates

Together with them, we created a tailored Coaching Initiative that was both specific to their organisation and sustainable in the long run. Through our coaching service, anyone in the foundation can sign up for regular sessions with certified Stragilon coaches. This method is useful for a number of work-related themes, such as burnout prevention, internal conflict resolution, career development support, and workplace growth – but each coachee has different needs, and our sessions are specifically tailored to them. The individual sessions are personal and highly confidential: employees can really open up to our coaches with trust and honesty.

Employees also have full use of our Pulse Sync software, which allows them to track their own wellbeing and progression and helps us observe macro-trends affecting the company as a whole. Once a month, our consultants have meetings with the foundation’s management, where they can point out organisation-wide issues or problem areas, and employees’ voices can anonymously reach the upper levels of the foundation. In these meetings, we go over actions that could be taken to address these problems on a macro level and ensure the organisation’s continuing growth and well-being.

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