Peek into your processes with the glasshouse

In our collaboration with a leading philanthropic initiative, the main challenge facing us was how to bring transparency, speed, and accuracy to their financial processes. To tackle this, we developed an allocation engine that simplified the funding allocation processes while creating a clear view of the funding flows like a glasshouse.

Nowadays, the complexity of philanthropic organisations and foundations has increased significantly with the rising expectations of funders and other partners. Funding requirements get more sophisticated, and higher flexibility and faster responses are expected. This puts high pressure on the employees as existing processes that were originally designed for different requirements are often extended on an ad hoc basis. Changes might not be documented, only the implicit knowledge of certain individuals keep the system running.

To tackle this challenge, we worked with our clients to build an allocation engine that automated their funding processes. To build the engine algorithm, we worked closely with the client using 1-1 sessions and steerings meetings to map out their processes and define the optimal allocation method. Through the allocation engine, we created a holistic and transparent overview of their funding processes which helps them to look behind the scenes. It empowered them to uncover data that was previously overlooked and created greater clarity. Through the automated system, we not only created a better workflow but also helped them increase the confidence of funders leading to sustainable, trustful relationships. 

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