Bringing Organisations Together with Influencer

Our clients, a leading company in the telecom sector in Europe, were going through a massive change with the decision to outsource some of their work to India. This change brought with it a need for cross-cultural collaboration. As a solution, we trained their teams on influencing strategies and generated cultural awareness with bespoke culture profiles.

People in different countries, regions and geographies work differently, communicate differently and even make decisions differently. With the growing virtual working world, combining geographical working culture with the organisation’s culture has become very important and, therefore, the need to influence your stakeholders.

Our client, a leading telecoms operator, was going through a similar transition when they decided to outsource some of their processes to India. While this meant cost efficiency for the company, it required teams to work and collaborate cross-culturally with their stakeholders. Therefore we launched The X- Culture Collaboration lab for their teams. The lab aimed to share clear and actionable insights on how teams may function from a cross-cultural perspective. It enabled teams to better understand their colleagues by developing a self & cultural awareness and a strategy that helps them collaborate better.​

The outcome was a sense of self-awareness for the teams and a sense of unity between teams to achieve their goals.

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