We believe that change starts with the powerful, data-driven decisions you make every day. Our custom-built tools allow you to gather information at the individual, team or company level and visualise it through clear and compelling graphics.

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Create, transform & upskill using new tools.

Digital Profile

Digital Profiles: The self-awareness you always dreamed of.

The data collected in the Digital Profile will help you identify growth opportunities, visualise obstacles and set goals for the future. We are incredibly close with our clients and go through the results during informal individual sessions, coffee catchups or nice lunches, and together, we plan future steps for success.

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PulseSync: Your resilience barometer and guide to true well-being.

Our PulseSync tool allows you to understand your emotional state, progression, and development over time. Based on the results, we work together with you to build your future with the Job Crafting tool: you can design your dream job, forget meaningless tasks and devote all your time to moving in the right direction.


Job Crafting

Job Crafting: Reinvent your job to create new value and impact.

Stop wasting your time on menial tasks and ensure you bring value to yourself and your organisation. Our Job Crafting tool allows you to map out your role and identify the areas you need to work on: what would you like to delegate or delete from your role? What tasks could you automate? What areas could you expand into?

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Prism: Share expertise & transfer your deepest knowledge.

We know how hard it is for expertise to get lost in the cracks, so we created Prism. It allows you to map knowledge across your organisation, facilitating knowledge transfer and learning new skills. It makes it much easier for everyone to adapt to new, crafted roles in the company.

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Influencer: Design your collaboration & Influence your Network

Today great collaboration is a striking competitive advantage. Yet hardly any methods or tools zoom in on how to design, develop and uphold successful collaborations. Influencer allows you to do just that and attract a followership others dream of.



Coaching: Embed a learning culture in every team

Coaching uncovers the full potential of executives & teams. Through personalised one-on-one sessions with one of our certified coaches, you can enhance your confidence, leadership, interaction, and development. Our coaching is underpinned by a growth mindset and focused on enlightening your future path.

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Crafting value-driven roles for a pharmaceutical client

Client impact

Crafting value-driven roles for a pharmaceutical client

While working with a leading vaccine manufacturer during the pandemic, our challenge was to align two initial teams and enable them to collaborate as one unit. As a solution, we restored synergy within the team by reimagining what jobs entail, what the department does and how it collaborates

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