We all know how easy it is to prioritise short-term goals over big-picture work, but that’s also the easiest way for a company to stagnate. For this reason, our Future Back Approach focuses on tying all of our clients’ operations to their long term vision: together, we create tangible, realistic goals that turn visionary thinking into breakthrough success. How, you ask?

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The cutting-edge strategy that puts you in charge of your future

Envisioning The Future

Sift through the noise and identify your personal strategic vision

First of all, we co-develop a tailor-made vision that encompasses all aspects of our clients’ business. Our aim is to get them ahead of the game, but, before we do, we work with them to imagine how the game could be played in the future. We adopt a question based approach: How will their line of work change? What could companies look like in this hypothetical future? What areas do our clients want to expand?


Framing The Strategy

Find your guns and stick to them

How do we move from a series of hypothetical futures to a concrete, actionable strategy? We select the most promising ideas and translate them into a customised range of Strategic Opportunity Drivers. We make decisions about the value our client would like to offer in the future, the features the company will present and the attributes of their future stakeholders. This becomes their new corporate vision.


Back Casting From The Vision

Plan your vision step by step

Now that we know exactly where we want to go, we need to find the most effective way to get there. We work backwards from the Driver selected by our client and develop an action plan with year-to-year targets. We call them milestones. This strategic mechanism transforms distant ideas into detailed, actionable goals.

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Telling A Winning Story

Set the tone for your vision

A vision is nothing if it doesn’t inspire, so we help our clients turn their strategies into winning stories that become a recognisable part of company culture. Through the power of networking and influencing, the stories go on to become a source of inspiration within the organisation and a constant reminder of the company’s purpose for the future.

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A Future Back journey in the MedTech industry

Client impact

A Future Back journey in the MedTech industry

Our collaboration with a leading company in the MedTech question started with a simple question: what do you want your company to look like in 2026? Together, we developed a strategy that placed them miles ahead of their competition.

Let’s build
a future together