A Future Back journey in the MedTech industry

Our collaboration with a leading company in the MedTech question started with a simple question: what do you want your company to look like in 2026? Together, we developed a strategy that placed them miles ahead of their competition.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

We began our collaboration with the company back in 2021 when they requested our help with the development of one of their business units. Through the Future Back methodology, we co-created a clear vision and declined it into concrete strategic drivers.

With the help of the Influencer tool, we developed a compelling storyline that could inspire the rest of the organisation. Our first collaboration led to a second one, which saw us build an action plan starting from pre-existing priorities tailored to the needs of the market. Together, we worked backwards from the goal to create a strong, cohesive vision for the company’s future.

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Our Approach


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