The Glass House helps you create transparency in your processes and the flow of information and decisions. It sheds light on ongoing activities in the shadows that are not documented and are often unknown to most people involved. Through a Glass House, you see clearly how information flows, where and by whom decisions are made, and where data is accessed and stored.

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Look into your processes, and information flows through a transparent glasshouse.

Knowledge Transfer

Amplify the speed and effectiveness of knowledge transfer

With transfer periods becoming ever shorter and job skills becoming ever more specialised, loss of your employees’ deep smarts is a significant risk incurred when a transition occurs. ​We help you create and implement a precise knowledge transfer plan using our tool Prism, which enables you to take the first step to prevent knowledge loss and preserve your deep smarts.


360 Feedback

Empower employee development with data-driven insights

Create a people focussed, equitable feedback process for your employees with our science-backed 360 feedback tool. Accompanied by the expert guidance of our coaches, enable continuous development of your people, and generate actions through a personalised report.


Allocation Engine

Bring clarity to complex processes

The allocation engine is an algorithm that links different data sources and connects them to enable you to make data-driven fund allocation decisions, creating clarity in complex funding streams. It is a system that creates transparency and allows data and information to flow seamlessly.

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Innovation Engine

Explore limitless opportunities

Innovation is not optional. It is a must. Stragilon’s innovation approach is based on enabling you to identify the innovative idea that will yield the best results. Armed with future-back strategic thinking, we combine our expertise in Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis to determine the best approach for your business.

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Peek into your processes with the glasshouse

Client impact

Peek into your processes with the glasshouse

In our collaboration with a leading philanthropic initiative, the main challenge facing us was how to bring transparency, speed, and accuracy to their financial processes. To tackle this, we developed an allocation engine that simplified the funding allocation processes while creating a clear view of the funding flows like a glasshouse.

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