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Strategic Agile Innovation

Our mission is to drive leadership and agility to boost your organisation's performance and innovation power. Develop and grow people's success in a fast changing world.


Stragilon: We, our Vision and our Mission

Stragilon is a data inspired strategy consultancy founded in 2015 by Filip Moriau, who is also the company´s CEO.

Our vision

Stragilon stands for Strategic Agile Innovation.

By placing Innovation at the heart of every enterprise, we want to help create new value every day.

Our mission

Technological innovation is changing the very nature of work and we need to find ways to help people in embracing these changes.

At Stragilon, we are a team of consultants who have a passion for working in close collaboration with their clients, be it global players of industry, disrupting start ups or foundations & NGOs.

But we are also a team of data scientists, passionate about how technological convergence is changing our world and what we can do in this disruption to create new value for our customers and the wider community.

We co-create new value with our customers, often untraditional value that had not been discovered yet. We can do this by having clear principles of data sharing, collective wisdom and wider collaboration methods.

Our methods are based on principles of collective wisdom, the values of hyperdiversity and a strong multidisciplinary approach.

Stragilon has a sustainability goal to help shape this technological and societal evolution in a sustainable and successful direction so that society as a whole may benefit from it. 

Our Drive

We drive innovation forward by making it a strategic part of how organisations function, using technology and strategy to transform the value they offer to the world.

By offering Thought Leadership, contributing to research and putting our expertise to the service of our clients and the wider community in the areas of technological convergence, we are driven by the desire to shape the future.