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Big Data Strategy Development

The convergence of several technology trends is happening right here right now. Many companies are investing in this rapidly changing opportunity with accelerating progress.

The volume of data continues to double every three years as information pours in from digital platforms, wireless sensors, virtual-reality applications, and billions of mobile phones. Data-storage capacity is continuously increasing, while its cost is plummeting. Data scientists now have unprecedented computing power at their disposal, and they are devising algorithms that are ever more sophisticated.

Externalising the strategy development for your new business horizon to outside consultancies brings risks of alienation and abstract business decisions that are hard to carry out by existing managers.

Internalising the strategy development often means it becomes the responsibility of your Chief Analytics Officer who may need a broader outside view as to which data to look for and how to translate the information and tools into your ideal next move to develop the business.

In other words, your Big Data Strategy requires precise attention with both inside and outside views, technological insights combined with a strong sense of abstraction to allow the right experimentation.

At Stragilon, we have developed an exact yet iterative approach to help our clients find the right Data Strategy to develop your business with insights on what data to look for and how to reimagine the use of data all together.

Data offers hypothesis which may show you correlations but it will be your experimentation and iteration that can bring those to fruition and create the right Data Strategy for Business Development.

Asking yourself what are the unknown unknowns without getting lost in the maze of options, with Stragilon´s expertise and tools, we co-develop the right strategy mindset and help you implement it across your business.

More and more companies are using their digital capabilities not just to improve their core product line or service offering but equally to find entirely new markets and develop the innovative business models that are required to develop them.

It requires inside out innovation views and experimentation to develop these entirely novel Blue Oceans. At Stragilon, we help our clients to understand how those dynamics of development work or how to plan the right scenarios as they often clash with existing management best practice and textbook performance management.  We find that when our clients can take advantage of their scale and data insights to add new business areas, those expansions are overflowing existing business model limits and sector boundaries, increasingly blurring sectors, pay models, client definitions and stakeholder ecosystems.

To make sense of it all, we offer customized models and co-develop the interaction design required inside these businesses to allow success and reap the benefits of Technological Conversion as a Strategy Tool.